How you can be rolling up hill too…

I have gotten a lot of questions from people lately about what type of bike I use etc so I thought I would write a quick post.

As a rather large guy my selection of bike was based on what could handle the weight. Things that you want to make sure of:
1. Double walled rims- this is important and can be added to bike if it doesn’t come already with them.
2. Spokes- 28 or more! Spokes are what is going to provide strength to the wheels. Just be aware now though, your going to eventual break one but the good news is it is a cheap repair!
3.Forget the shocks- get what is called a hardtailed bike, the shocks at the heavier weights 300+ are not really going to be doing you much good and is one more thing to go wrong.
4.Stay away from places like wal-mart,target, and other big box stores- THEY DON’T KNOW JACK! Go to your LBS(local bike store), and buy a “real” bike, you should be spending around 400 minimum! Do not bother with a carbon or light weight bike as they again will be a waste of money, a nice hybrid will last you a very long time!
5.HELMET! I got mine from Amazon and it fit my rather large head well, but make sure you size yours correctly!
6. Bike shorts- they make a huge difference, and come in sizes beyond 5xl!
7. Do NOT get the biggest most comfy looking seat, in the long run they can be a bigger pain! Build up some iron butt and after a few weeks if it still bothers you then look at a new seat. Most LBS will let you try them out for a little bit, so try a few!

I hope this helps, if anyone has anymore questions please let me know!

Here is my Katrina

Here we go go go on an adventure…..

Well I was laying around today being a big lazy butt…reading about cycling actually, when it hit me: GO BIKE TO THE PARK!

The park? Sure why not it isn’t that far, wait what? you mean THAT PARK! The one clear across town?!? suuuuure ok, will “go to that park” I said to myself knowing I would stop when I got to the park just down the road instead. Well, the park down the road is named Smith, this is the park I ended up at this park instead

The one clear across town :-D, this ended up being my longest ride to date!!! yes it was only 5 miles but you know what, IT WAS 5 MILES MORE THEN I WAS GETTING ON THE COUCH!

What kept me moving is simply this “I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ, who STRENGTHS ME!”, I feel it was with His help that I was able to push myself to go further!

BTW Katrina behaved wonderfully and the new seat was amazing!


All better now…

Took Katrina in to the “doctor” today, she is doing better now and is up and rolling again! The back wheel was just in need of some work, and the great folks at Eric’s Bike and Board shop took care of her. I also updated her seat to a specialized comfort and it is soooo much nicer! After we got home tonight I also went out for a ride and while it was only about 2 miles I made sure to hit some hills. I really enjoyed my ride tonight and I feel very much alive now!

Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife Mrs. Bigbonedbiker, I love you and I am so happy to have you and little BBB in my life!  this is the seat I got.

Oh where oh where has the fat man gone?

Well where have I been? I stopped riding my bike until yesterday, I was very depressed and had no drive to go. I has now joined weight watchers, and am almost back to where I was when I quit riding! Had a good ride today did about two miles but poor Katrina is hurting, I will send her for repair this week! Felt good to be in the saddle again!